Rachmaninoff. Complete Works for piano solo in 8 volumes

  • First scholarly edition of all Rachmaninoff piano works;
  • Urtext of the Rachmaninoff Critical Edition of the Complete Works;
  • Prepared by Rachmaninoff scholar and expert Dr Valentin Antipov, the Head of the Rachmaninoff Complete Works Editorial Board;
  • In cooperation with The Glinka State Central Museum of Musical Culture (Moscow) and The Library of Congress of the USA (Washington);
  • For the first time all compositions numbered with a New Indexes in accordance with Subject-Thematic Index of the Works of Sergei Rachmaninoff (SR-Index);
  • Appendixes with initial Versions and Variants of individual compositions;
  • Extension Prefaces with detailed information about compositional history, first performances and lifetime publications, genealogy and scholarly description of the sources and texts;
  • Publishing principles Prefaces devoted special matters of Rachmaninoff’s piano notation and principles of transmitting the composer’s original manuscript notation to the present-day printing notation;
  • High quality four-colour facsimile reproductions of Rachmaninoff autograph Manuscripts;
  • Unreduced music notation pages from Critical Edition volumes with enlarged format of 24,3 × 31 cm;
  • Inner-book printed on top-quality 110 g/m2 offset tinted paper by The Krasnokamsk Paper Mill;

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