Zaderatsky. Complete Works for piano solo in 5 volumes

  • First-ever scholarly edition of Zaderatsky piano works;
  • Prepared by Zaderatsky scholar Prof. Dr. Vsevolod Zaderatsky (JR), composer’s son;
  • World-first Edition of the monumental polyphonic cycle created in the camp ”SEVVOSTLAG NKVD” at Kolyma, one of the most terrible in the entire system of the Stalinist GULAG of the 1930s;
  • The composer’s most significant work in scale and complexity of artistic conception;
  • First polyphonic cycle written done upon J.S. Bach’s model in 20th Century before the sets of Hindemith and Shostakovich;
  • Appendix with First Versions and Variants of individual Preludes and Fugues;
  • Extension Preface with detailed information about Zaderatsky life and creative legacy, historical context of composition the cycle of 24 Preludes and Fugues, genealogy and scholarly description of the sources and texts; artistic principles of the macrocycle, analytical commentary.
  • 24 pages of high quality four-colour facsimile reproductions of Zaderatsky autograph Manuscripts;
  • Enlarged format of 24,3 × 31 cm;
  • Inner-book printed on top-quality 110 g/m2 offset tinted paper;

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